A Night at Moulin Rouge

As I was writing about seeing One Grand Show in my blog post about Berlin yesterday, it brought me back to another interesting theatre experience I had earlier this year.

Something I'd been wanting to do for ages was go to Moulin Rouge. I'm a big fan of cabaret and whilst I knew it was most likely overpriced, it was a venue I really wanted to be able to go inside at least once in my life. When my girlfriend Amelia visited me for the first time last winter (she's from the US and we're in a long distance relationship), I really wanted to be able to do something special for our first new years together, and I thought, why not show her more of Europe and take her to Paris! We worked out what we could afford and it was decided, we were going to be spending 3 nights in an adorable Airbnb in Bastille, in arguably the most romantic city in the world!
Soon after, I started looking up more about Moulin Rouge. I'm so grateful to be dating a girl who is similar to me in her approach to life - when I raised the idea, she was as up for it as I was without overthinking it too much.

We didn't go on New Years Eve (I planned a surprise for that occasion - Disneyland's New Years Eve party!), we decided to go on the night of the 1st January, and opted for the midnight performance. We'd already decided that we weren't going to pay to have dinner there as it was expensive and I read that it really wasn't worth it, so we were free to select whichever time we liked; the idea of being at Moulin Rouge so late at night added to the thrill that we were going, so that made our decision for us. Upon booking the tickets, I didn't get the chance to select seats. I still don't understand how they actually decide who sits where, but Amelia and I were fortunately given amazing seats. We were at the left side and elevated so we had an incredible view of the stage and the venue surrounding us. There was no one in front of us at our level and we were right next to the stage, within touching distance of some of the performers!

The whole experience was genuinely so fun and magical. We ended up at a restaurant where Amélie was filmed beforehand, which had excellent food (Amelia gave me the goats cheese from her salad which made my pasta even better). We then got cocktails and were entertained by what was occurring in the bar, as well as our glowing stirrers. My date looked absolutely breath-taking and it was so exciting as we walked towards the famous windmill, knowing we would soon actually be inside; I was also in awe of how its street was absolutely full of sex shops and strip clubs. Once we'd presented our tickets and had got inside there was quite a lot of queuing, to the point that I stopped thinking about what we were actually attending, since we were all just gathered in a plain room. This meant that when we were let in further along I suddenly felt so taken aback by the venue and how gorgeous it was. We got led to our seats where we were positively glowing because of how lucky we felt to be seated where we were, and as we started to drink our prosecco and absorb our surroundings I felt ridiculously lucky to be at such a wondrous place with my beautiful girlfriend. Honestly, when I'm with Amelia I'm always a bit in awe no matter what we're doing, so sharing such special occasions together is sensational. Being settled and knowing that nothing could go wrong now, and there was nothing to be anxious about (I'd panicked about numerous things in advance: that it would have started early; that there would be something wrong with the tickets etc), I was so overcome with happiness and I really treasured the fact that I was not only at Moulin Rouge, but I was with the love of my life and we were sharing such a special night together.

As for the actual show, it truly blew us both away, and that was before the alcohol hit us! I was anticipating cabaret dancing and boobs, but I had no idea that Moulin Rouge had so many other talented acts. Like most shows, we weren't allowed to take any photos or videos but I remember some of the performances so vividly. An amazing combination of snakes, underwater, acrobats and mind-blowing strength had me gasping multiple times - I truly was on the edge of my seat as I watched these phenomenal performers. I was also pleasantly surprised by the prominent presence of male performers (although they weren't as stripped of their clothes as the women were). If anybody's wondering if Moulin Rouge is worth the price or not, I'd say it's difficult to answer as it depends on how attached to the idea of going you are. For me, visiting Moulin Rouge was something I was passionate about being able to experience and therefore I was willing to spend some of my savings on it even without too many high expectations, as I'd heard that it was overpriced. However, I really was blown away by the actual show itself - I'm not saying that it's anything you couldn't see somewhere else for less money, but it is really impressive, and if you're like me you'll also be stunned by the fact that you are actually at the Moulin Rouge - it's definitely an experience to remember.

Amelia and I were drunk and giddy by the time the show was over, and also so incredibly happy. We simply had to buy a souvenir and after looking at the selection of items for a bit, we settled on matching bracelets. They're cute beaded red and pink bracelets with a Moulin Rouge charm and I wear mine most days because not only is it nice that it's light on my wrist, but I absolutely love looking at it and remembering what a wonderful time we had.

If you're interested in seeing some footage from our time in Paris, this is the link to Amelia's vlog which includes video of not only our trip to Paris, but our time together whilst she stayed in the UK with me as well! It's honestly one my favourite videos in the world and puts a massive smile on my face, so I hope you enjoy watching it too.

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  1. What? How did I not know the Moulin Rouge acts were so amazing?!! :D I visited during the daytime, but didn't consider a show. Well, after reading your wonderful review.... Looks like I need to go back for a visit to Paris! Hehe. Thank you for the article.

    1. You definitely should! Thank you for reading :)