Hello, and welcome to my new blog!

My name's Emily (or Em), my pronouns are she/her and I'm from Essex, UK.
I have a great love for social media and the internet. When I started making videos for YouTube a few years ago now, I found immense joy in being able to use the platform to express myself and have my thoughts turn into conversations, through comments sections, in my friends' response videos, and on Twitter. It took a lot of strength to make my first video and to start reaching out to people but it was truly one of the best things I ever did, leading me to meet the most incredible people who are still some of my closest friends today.

Over time, I've become much less consistent at making videos. Honestly, YouTube was never something I tried to be good at. I had no shame in uploading low quality webcam videos, it was just a hobby that helped me learn to love my authentic self, become educated about many different issues and share my own experiences with others. I felt connected to the world in a way I hadn't throughout most of my teenage years and it was wonderful. I feel emotional looking back at that time because it was such a big turning point in getting to know myself and understanding that I was enough.

I don't think YouTube will ever be something that I quit or formally commit to. Although I stopped prioritising making videos, I wouldn't be surprised if that changed again. I still adore YouTube and the community surrounding it and I'll be attending VidCon and SITC this year. My channel exists and I believe it always will; I have the opportunity to make videos as and when I want to, without feeling like I need to apologise or make excuses for my absences. It's mine to do as I please with and I enjoy the freedom in that, it's not something I ever want to lose.

I've decided to introduce a new platform into my life and create another corner of the internet that's mine, which I'm going to have the same attitude towards. I spend a lot of time writing in private and this has driven me towards starting a blog in addition to my YouTube channel. I've missed the confidence I used to have in regards to sharing my words online and this is a new space for me to get that back. My YouTube channel has always mostly consisted of unscripted rambles, and that's something I want to keep the same, whereas writing for a blog is something different that I'm excited to do. As my first year at uni will shortly be coming to an end (which went by way too quickly!), I'm becoming increasingly excited to focus on writing, videos and creative projects this summer and if you're reading this, I'm thankful that you're here!

You can find/contact me in these places:

I'm really looking forward to writing more here, which I will do soon!

Until the next post,

Em x

Photographed by: Amelia Xanthe

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