Dear Aberystwyth

I'm coming to the end of my first year at Aberystwyth University, and to be honest I'm pretty sad about it. A big part of me really wishes that uni academic years were as long as school academic years - it doesn't seem right that I have so little time left as a First Year! So, I thought I'd write my first blog post about Aberystwyth, the Welsh seaside town I've grown to love so much.

Dear Aberystwyth,

I'm not sure if you met the expectations that I had on that five hour journey to Wales sitting in the back of my parents' car on 23rd September, for I guess I didn't have too many real expectations. I did know that I was very ready to become a university student, and that I wasn't intimidated by the idea of moving so far away from Essex - especially when the place I'd be moving to felt as safe as you.

When I first visited, there was something about you that felt like home, and that's not a feeling that's left since actually having a home here. You're completely different to the huge cities I fall in love with, but I feel the same sense of home in Aberystwyth as I do in London or New York - you just capture my heart in a different way. I'm very certain that there's not one specific place in the world that I belong in, and that I can belong anywhere my heart says so. My heart points to you amongst other places, a corner of the world where seagulls rule, and everyone treasures sunsets and fires on the beach. It points to you and I find myself glowing.

Living by the sea has been an absolute dream, there's something so entrancing about the waves; I don't think the view will ever be boring to me. I never realised quite how much the sea meant to me until I visited Aber, and now it hurts my heart to imagine being away from it for so long. The sea is so healing, in fact Aberystwyth as a place is generally very good for my soul. You're calm but not in an empty way - my heart is the opposite of empty when I'm surrounded by nature, living amongst sheep and rabbits and pretty Welsh views. It's going to be strange to go back to Essex and be away from air like yours - it makes me feel whole and content no matter what's going on in my brain. Being outside in Aber, especially when it's sunny (which is way more often than you'd think), truly is glorious beyond measure.

Because of you, Aberystwyth, I've grown to love Welsh culture more than I knew were possible. I love living in a bilingual environment and it's so nice to hear people speaking Welsh as I walk past them, and I regret that I'm yet to understand much of the language. The mass amount of Welsh flags in Spoons also never fails to charm me; there's something so lovely about the patriotism of Wales, something we're missing in England and that I'll miss when I'm back. I do hear arguments occasionally about whether England or Wales is better but honestly, deep down I think my loyalty lies with you, even in rugby matches despite the fact that I never showed the slightest bit of interest in rugby before arriving here.

There's a lot I've grown to love in Aber - like nights out at Pier and knowing that my flatmate is always a bit in awe of how the sea is underneath her as she dances; a takeaway from Hollywood Pizza when I'm treating myself; the beauty of the woods especially when the bluebells have bloomed; the way Aber is far more vibrant than outsiders can see, glowing with the wonderful people I've met here. The one thing in Aber that I definitely don't love is that HILL, but even then, I can't imagine the place without it.

I still have plenty of time ahead of me in which I'll be associated with an address in Aberystwyth, but I do hate how it's flashing before my eyes already. I'm excited to live closer to the seafront next semester, and see what more adventures living here brings.

Ultimately Aberystwyth, this is a thank you. You've been beautiful and kind to me, and you're definitely a little slice of heaven in my eyes, no doubt about it.

Past me was right to choose you.

Until the next post,


  1. I like that you fell in love with where you are learning. It makes university so muvh better when you have that sense of home.

    1. I completely agree! Thank you for reading :)