5 November Favourites

I know I'm not alone in feeling that November has been a hard month. Uni has been overwhelming and so many people I care about have gone through a particularly difficult time the last few weeks. So, I wanted to shine light on 5 of the things that have made this month brighter for me. If anything listed below interests you, I hope it can bring you joy as well!

Self-Esteem Team

Self-Esteem Team was founded in 2013 by Nadia Mendoza & Grace Barrett. They do some amazing work for young people, providing education on wellbeing. They've written a book approved by doctors and they tour schools in the UK, helping young people deal with issues surrounding mental health and body image. I'm honestly so in awe of the incredibly important work they do and following them on Twitter brightens my timeline considerably. I love being reminded of some of the wonderful work that occurs on this planet amongst all the hard times and chaos, and they always give me the nudge I need to remember that I should be taking care of myself.

In Colourful Company

I discovered this community through Instagram, and wow am I glad that I did. Located in the UK, ‘In Colourful Company’ is a lovely group for creatives who like to dress coloufully, it's as simple as that! They have a Facebook group that I joined this month and they organise Colour Walks in various UK cities, where members meet up dressed in their most colourful clothes. It's an all-inclusive community full of 'kindness, encouragement and adventure' where like-minded individuals can make new friends and have fun - the group truly is blooming with positivity. The pictures from their Colour Walks alone will make you smile, there's something so lovely about such an immense amount of shameless colour all in one place. I've become a happier person since deciding to wear the clothes I love that at one point, would have made me feel too silly and visible, hence I'm so drawn to this amazing group of people.

Lazy Oaf

Whilst we’re on the subject of colourful clothes, Lazy Oaf is a brand with some absolute gems. I’m yet to buy anything from their site because I’m a student with limited funds, but I’m spent a good amount of time swooning over their designs. Their clothes scream with life and could surely brighten up anybody’s wardrobe. Nice clothes are one the things in this world that I know I don't need but I greatly enjoy, and I feel happy from simply just looking at Lazy Oaf's website!

Reasons to Keep Going Newsletter

My wonderful friend Ellen recently started a newsletter called ‘Reasons to Keep Going’. Every so often, you can receive an email that acknowledges how hard life can be, and yet is so full of hope. If you struggle with mental health, Ellen's beautifully written newsletter will make you feel less alone and add some positivity to your day. It's gentle and kind, and in the midst of all the stress that emails can cause - this one will allow you to sit back, relax and remember that there really are so many reasons to keep going.

Hot chocolate

Last but not least, a true winner this month has been hot chocolate. I’m usually passionately a tea girl, and when it’s not tea, it’s coffee. Hot chocolate is generally saved for special occasion when it’s offered to me or when I’m sitting in a cafe and can’t resist the idea of gingerbread flavour topped with marshmallows. However, I’ve recently been filling many of my evenings with cups of hot chocolate and it has improved them tremendously. I'm not really sure why I haven't been doing this all along, but I'm really glad I've discovered how much I love hot chocolate as we're approaching Winter. It's such an easy way to treat myself and the world always seems nicer when I have a mug of it in hand (especially if I also have blankets and an episode of Gilmore Girls).

What have you been thankful for this November?

Until the next post,

Em x

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