Catching Up

It's been a while since I wrote a blog post. I've given it numerous attempts over the last few months but have just ended up with jumbles of words, only to delete them or save them as drafts that I never returned to.

A lot has happened since I last posted. I went to Jamaica with my girlfriend's family over the new year and experienced the kind of holiday I'd only ever dreamt about - it made me feel like I was living in some kind of fantasy world. I'd never spent so much time in the water, or eaten such incredible meals so consistently, or experienced a winter that's hot. I also did an internship with a magazine I've admired for years and it was an incredible couple of weeks in which I learnt a lot and felt really proud of myself by the end of it. I then moved to the Czech Republic for the Erasmus study abroad scheme, and have been here for 2 months now!

I had next to no expectations about coming here and my experience of moving felt very low-key, especially compared to lots of my peers who had massive countdowns and were being sent luck from hundreds of family friends on Facebook. In the weeks prior to my Ryanair flight, I wasn't really thinking about Erasmus. I had Amelia with me in the UK, and uni exams to focus on. Then my internship made me busy and lasted until the day before I flew to Brno. I started packing that very night and was still packing half an hour before I left for the airport.

So far, my study abroad experience has been a weird mixture of things and feelings, but I'm definitely happy to be here. I've been unsettled by cold encounters with Czech locals; I've met some amazing people and I'm proud to call some of them my friends; I'm learning more and more every day about various cultures and languages; I've learnt so much about myself too. It's a funny little bubble and I've been aware of my need for alone time more than ever, but it's a good bubble. I'm especially enjoying the many opportunities for travel. Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Wroclaw have all treated me kindly and there's still lots more to see ahead!

I'm happy to be back to blogging, so get ready for lots of posts that definitely won't be in chronological order. I've got a lot to say!

Until the next post,

Em x

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