'Good friends are hard to find'

I've repeatedly heard that good friends are hard to find, but in all honesty, I don't really believe it.

I'm fortunate to have friends I hold close to my heart: some nearby, some far away, some who I talk to often, and others not enough. They're all amazing people who are important to me, and there are others I'm not close enough with to call good friends but I think they're just as wonderful; we know we're bonded in some knowing way because the internet and shared experiences can make that kind of magic happen.

There are people I don't know well who I believe could be great friends of mine. If life wasn't so busy and we lived closer we could go out for coffee and get to know each other on a precious platonic date and I feel almost certain it would end in friendship. Platonic dates with people you don't know well yet are extremely underrated, and we shouldn't be so cautious to make them happen.

You see, in my eyes, people are generally good and kind and interesting. Sometimes a click will occur when I meet someone new - or a click will develop the more we talk - and with others we won't connect like that. However, that doesn't for a second mean that we won't enjoy a conversation in which I'll learn about a whole new perspective or share a laugh about something that will only ever exist between us. Some people aren't meant to be any closer to us than acquaintances, but I think we forget to value that in itself: how there are people we only talk to because we're put in the same place but still, we discover their mannerisms and we have words to say when we hear their name. They impact out lives without even trying and often it's for the better.

I whole-heartedly believe my friends are special and I'm blessed to have found them, but I also have enough faith in the rest of the world to acknowledge that these aren't just lucky finds. Earth is full of magical people and I obviously can't befriend them all, but I'll value the ones I do get to hang out with because someone choosing to spend their time with you is the biggest compliment that we forget to appreciate.

Everyone thinks their dog in the best dog and as someone who doesn't have one, I can say they're all correct. Similarly, I think we're all right to believe our friends are the best ones. Humans aren't anywhere near as good and pure as dogs of course, but most of us are really awesome all the same, and it's a wonderful thing to feel fortunate to know someone.

So, I don't think good friends are hard to find, not if you value friendship enough to show it as you go through life. Sometimes people forget how to be a good friend or they haven't yet been introduced to a circle of people who understand them, but that only has to be temporary. People aren't perfect, but they're great, and I think most of us care about friendship. We're often scared to reach out to those we like but there's lots of willingness to reciprocate effort, so potential good friendships are easier to grab than maybe you'd first think. 

Maybe I'm a romantic, but that doesn't make my truth any less real. I know I'm not alone in the way I view friendships and the sparks between souls. I like to believe that good friends aren't actually hard to find after all, not if your eyes are open.

Until the next post,

Em x

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